Minister María Jesús Montero now instructs us on how to condemn crimes

The cynical message of the Spanish Gov't after its refusal to condemn crimes of genocide

The left wing has a habit that in psychology is called projection, and that consists of attributing its own defects, vices and perversions to others.

Spanish Parliament refuses to condemn the crimes of Nazism and Communism
The more than 100 million deaths that communism caused, divided by countries

Minister Montero tries to get political profits from the murder of young Samuel

Yesterday the ocialist minister of Finance and Government spokesperson, María Jesús Montero, made a cynical display of this ugly custom. During a press conference in La Moncloa, she referred to the murder of the young Samuel in La Coruña, trying to exploit it politically, ignoring the Police investigation and stating that "as long as this type of conduct exists, as long as there are people, even political formations that promote or that promote hatred or exclusion or xenophobia or homophobia, obviously the work of the whole of society will be work without rest, hard work."

Montero added: "It cannot be tolerated that this type of people coexist in our country, making precisely that flag of hatred their own reason for being, and above all that there are no organizations that collectively promote this type of behavior or that justify them, or do not condemn them, or have some but when when they appear or when the media publicize them. You can not condemn a fact and this being of the same intensity as causing any kind of incitement to hatred or xenophobia." You can hear that here starting at minute 41:33 (I've inserted the video to start at that point):

Montero did not explain what "political formations" he refers to, although it is clear that he refers to Vox, a conservative party that the left demonizes for holding positions contrary to its ideological theses. The reality is that Vox has condemned this crime and has also asked for the hardening of penalties for this type of crime. What the left does is resort to the straw man fallacy, resorting to lies to criminalize the political opposition. Something that this government has turned into an ugly habit.

Bildu, a government partner, does not condemn the more than 800 ETA murders

These statements by the minister about hatred and the absence of convictions are colossal cynicism if we take into account that it is precisely the socialist-communist government and its parliamentary partners who exhibit the most hatred and those who have the most reluctance when it comes to condemn certain crimes. To begin with, it must be remembered that in November the government sealed its budgets with a party, Bildu, which pays homages to terrorists and that even today it continues to refuse to condemn the murders of more than 800 people - children included - at the hands of ETA. It is worth wondering if Minister Montero was referring to her Bildu partners when making those statements, or if perhaps that hatred and that refusal to condemn murders does seem right to the Socialist Party (PSOE), given that she has no qualms about making a pact with Bildu.

PSOE and Podemos voted against a conviction of crimes of genocide

Now that we are talking about hatred and refusals to condemn crimes, we could also remember that at the end of March the socialists of the PSOE and their communist partners of Podemos voted against a parliamentary condemnation of the crimes of nazism and communism, crimes that include crimes genocide, which is the most serious type on the scale of attacks against human life. Refusing to condemn this type of crime is something as morally perverse as what Bildu does - and HB and Batasuna did before - refusing to condemn terrorism crimes.

They presented the author of a massacre among "freedom fighters"

In the debate on that sentence, the PSOE presented the communists as "freedom fighters", a label in which it included Santiago Carrillo, who was most responsible for the mass murder of 5,000 political prisoners, including 50 children, in the massacre of Paracuellos from 1936. As anyone can see by consulting the page with the results of that vote on the Congress website (see PDF), minister Montero was among those who voted against that condemnation. And does she still have the tremendous audacity to instruct us on hatred and on how to convict crimes?

In June socialists and communists voted against a condemnation of the repression in Cuba

Let us add to that that just a month ago, the PSOE and Podemos voted against a European condemnation of the repression in Cuba, a condemnation that was expressly directed against "the existence of political prisoners, persistent and permanent political persecution, acts of harassment and arbitrary arrests of dissidents in Cuba." The PSOE even had the baseness to tell the Cuban dictatorship about that motion, lamenting that it did not have a sufficient majority to make it fail, an attitude of miserable servility towards an undemocratic regime that has been persecuting, torturing and murdering Cuban democrats for 62 years. Is this the left crying out against "hatred" and demanding condemnations?

Socialists and communists also do not condemn the attacks against Vox

I do not want to end these lines without remembering that until today, neither the government, nor the PSOE nor Podemos have condemned the attacks that Vox members have been suffering for more than two years, when the then head of Podemos, Pablo Iglesias, launched against that party an "anti-fascist alert" for having achieved representation in the Regional Parliament of Andalusia, an undemocratic appeal that served as the starting gun for a campaign of far-left mantonism. Let us remember that two months ago, Podemos employees were identified participating in one of those attacks, the one that occurred in Vallecas, in which a Vox deputy was injured and required hospital assistance after receiving a stone. Let us also remember that Podemos openly justified those attacks by stating that those attacked had gone to "provoke", the old argument of the miniskirt. Will minister Montero propose to outlaw the PSOE and Podemos for fueling that violence against an opposition party, or does that hatred seem fine to her?


Photo: La Moncloa.

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