"The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing." Edmund Burke
The government has issued a statement in which it does not announce any action

‘Kill him’: the creepy scene of Catalan separatists trying to kill a police officer

Catalan separatism continues with its escalation of tension program, leading to the streets of Catalonia an extreme violence with barricades, fires and attacks on law enforcement.

The Polish partners of the Popular Party fail in their alliance with leftists

The Law and Justice party, ally of Vox, wins the Polish elections with absolute majority

Technically outstanding, this film spreads a demagogic speech

Joker: the perverse idea that this formally excellent film promotes

Each year it puts 1,100 crosses on a beach by the shipwrecks of the Great Armada

The emotional tribute of a town in Ireland to the Spaniards who were shipwrecked there

Kazimiera's crying went around the world and showed the horror of the invasion

The girl who symbolized the suffering of the Poles after the attack of Nazis and Soviets

The massacre was ordered by a veteran of the International Brigades

The Pogrom of Ludmiłówka: a silenced killing of Jews at the hands of communists