"The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing." Edmund Burke
Kazimiera's crying went around the world and showed the horror of the invasion

The girl who symbolized the suffering of the Poles after the attack of Nazis and Soviets

Today marks 80 years since the start of the invasion of Poland by Germany and the USSR, in concert, in 1939. An invasion that began World War II.

The massacre was ordered by a veteran of the International Brigades

The Pogrom of Ludmiłówka: a silenced killing of Jews at the hands of communists

Brazil was more affected by fires when the far-left was in the government

Fires in the Amazon: revealing data that exposes the left-wing media and politicians

Not a single protest of feminism before the embassies of that Islamic republic

The feminist reaction to seeing three women in prison for rejecting the Islamic veil in Iran

The emblem of the Hispanic Monarchy was popular in Poland in the 17th century

When the infantry of Spain and Poland fought under the same Cross of Burgundy

The event was dedicated to the centenary of the Silesian Uprisings

The video of the impressive military parade of the Polish Army Day held in Katowice