"The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing." Edmund Burke
Their new 'Law of Historical Memory' makes that exception to totalitarianisms

Spanish Socialists Wants to Punish the Defense of Nazism and Fascism, But Not Communism

If the new “Law of Historical Memory” prepared by the PSOE is approved, in Spain it will be illegal to defend the murderers of Auschwitz, but it will be legal to defend the murderers of Katyn.

The Gefira Foundation and the EPSC show the practices of NGOs near Libya

Rescues or Helping the Trafficking of Human Beings? Judge It With an Illuminating Video

The Rector ordered the suspension of the act after refusing to call the Police

Barcelona: Separatist Thugs Attack a Tribute to Cervantes and the Catalan Channel TV3 Hides It

Spain has a majority of female ministers: what will feminists say if it goes wrong?

If the Socialists Leave Spain Bankrupt Again, Will Feminists Blame Men?

They ask the parties "stop playing with the future of Spain in infamous pacts"

Demonstrations of Vox in Madrid and Other Cities in Spain to Ask for Elections

The cover-ups were systematic and for decades, according to Live Action

The Abortion Lobby That Supported Clinton and Obama Is Accused of Hiding Child Sexual Abuse