"The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing." Edmund Burke
No Spaniard is above the law, nor is the catalan separatist political elite

With the Rule of Law, With the Spanish Security Forces and Against the Coupists

Today the Spanish National Police has registered the headquarters of the far-leftist CUP and the Civil Guard has arrested 14 people in an operation against the separatist coup in Catalonia.

Wikileaks founder keeps silence on repression in Venezuela

The ‘Tanks’ That Julian Assange Did Not See From the Embassy of an Ally of Dictator Maduro

Yesterday Julian Assange gave his opinion of the separatist coup in Catalonia, putting on the side of the coup. He did so in a message equating Spain with the Chinese communist dictatorship.

Instead of offering life-saving support, they offer resources to eliminate lifes

Indignation in Texas Over the Obscene ‘Help’ of Abortionists to the Victims of Hurricane Harvey

The State of Texas, in the United States, has been severely affected in recent days by Hurricane Harvey, which has caused substantial material damage and at least 8 deaths in its territory.

A lullaby to celebrate paternity, banned for being 'too political'

A Tender Ad of Father’s Day, Censored by the Political Correctness on Australian TV

Every first Sunday in September Australia celebrates Father’s Day. But this year the absurd political correctness seems determined to prevent this popular family celebration.