"The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing." Edmund Burke
Assata Shakur killed agent Werner Foerster with two shots in the head

An American Feminist Movement Praises a Terrorist who Murdered a Policeman

The Women’s March is a feminist coordinator of various organizations that organized last January the first major demonstration against President Donald Trump.

More than 100,000 Polish women, aged 4 to 80, were raped by the Soviets

That’s How the ‘Liberation’ of Poland by the Red Army Was: the Mass Rapes of Girls and Women

WARNING: The content of this post can be upsetting for the reader. Indeed, I have thought seriously whether I publish it, but what happened must be remembered for respect to the victims.

He demands to have fewer children in the middle of the demographic winter

A Progressive Newspaper Names Families with Children as Guilty of Climate Change

Today there are media outlets that look like John Carpenter’s movie “They live”. Yesterday one of them put in a headline up to three verbs in imperative directed to its readers.

A document of the abortion lobby created by racist Margaret Sanger

A Pamphlet of an Abortion Lobby: ‘Abortion Kills Life’ And Is ‘Dangerous’ for the Mother

“Abortion kills life after it has begun.” This is also contained in a pamphlet which also includes this warning addressed to mothers: “Abortion is dangerous to your life and health.”