"The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing." Edmund Burke
They hide the nationality of the aggressors and the racist tints of rape

Moroccans rape a Spanish girl and that’s how the leftist media publish the news

Certain media seem to have decided that it is better for the public not to know certain important details about some facts. We have had an example this week in Spain.

They want to achieve with this ideology what they did not achieve with Marxism

Gender ideology against biology: this is how they try to demolish our democracy

Politicians and media against Islamophobia but no against Christianophobia

The difference between killing 148 Christians in Kenya and 50 Muslims in New Zealand

Among the 20 countries with the least equality there are 14 Islamic countries

Feminists attacked Catholic centers in several cities in Spain on March 8 but no mosques

The USSR slandered Poland to cover the alliance between Hitler and Stalin in 1939

The Stalinist origin of the blood libels that some continue to throw against Poland

Today is 100 years since the beginning of that war that ended in Polish victory

Bolshevik War: this is how Poland stopped the advance of communism in Europe