"The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing." Edmund Burke
Nearly 245 million Christians live in countries where they suffer persecution

Christianophobia: 33 Muslim countries are among the 50 that most persecute Christians

While in western countries of Christian majority some people describe as “Islamophobia” the mere criticism of Islam, in many Islamic countries Christians suffer a terrible situation.

Last week, the party headquarters suffered an attack with explosives

Germany: an ‘anti-fascist’ group vindicates an assassination attempt of a right-wing deputy

Instead of condemning it, separatists have accused the assaulted of "provoking"

Catalan Separatist thugs beat journalists of Intereconomía TV with punches in Barcelona

Only two countries with a Muslim majority supported that resolution

Islamist group that the UN refused to condemn shoots a pregnant woman and murders her baby

The terrorist attacks resulted in 23 dead and dozens wounded

Spain 1933: when the far-left derailed three trains after a right-wing electoral victory

Both showed their harmony: they share Christian and conservative values

The friendly meeting in Hungary between Prime Minister Viktor Orbán and Chuck Norris