"The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing." Edmund Burke
Progressive magazine denies that there are altruistic men and calls them 'louts'

Feminist Supremacism Is Here: Women Are Declared ‘Higher Beings’ than Males

A while ago I saw on Facebook the typical screenshot of a headline so crazy that you doubt its veracity. The headline was this: “It’s Confirmed: Women are Higher Beings”.

The 'cultural wars' lead some to fall into an erroneous polarization

Neither with Soros Nor with Putin: the Russian Interference in Catalonia and the Spanish Right

The case of the Russian interference in Catalonia (Spain), providing support to the separatists, is giving rise to some positions that are frankly surprising.

"They have created a world of sexism against men", its author denounces

Convincing Video of a Canadian Woman Explaining Why She Is Not a Feminist

Lauren Southern is a conservative activist from Canada who a few years ago became famous by uploading a photo on the Internet with a sign that said, “I do not need feminism.”

"They will be annihilated," Zhirinovsky said of Poland and Baltic Republics

The Russian Nationalist Who Threatened to Raze Poland Now Supports Catalan Separatism

The eccentric international supporters of Catalan separatism reached its most extreme example last Thursday with a rally before the General Consulate of Spain in Moscow.